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Job Boards – Are You Using Them to Your Full Advantage?

So, you’ve got your resume posted on your favorite job boards. Now what?

Are you receiving lots of phone calls and email responses?

Chances are you’ve gotten a couple of inquires about your resume and far less than what you expected.

Posting your resume on a job board is nothing more than passively looking for work. Now that’s not all bad. Because there are many companies and recruiters who use job boards to search for their next hire. And you certainly want them to be able to find your resume online.

The best way to take full advantage of job boards is to set up keyword search profiles. By doing this you will get email notifications about the new job postings of the day.

Now, it might be a company or it could be a recruitment agency that has posted the job opportunity. Either way it’s good news for you.

If it’s the actual company, wonderful. You can submit your resume directly to their hiring manager.

Don’t forget to do some research on the company’s website and LinkedIn to find out who their hiring manager is. Then follow up with her in a day or two about your resume application.

But what if it’s a recruitment agency? Great news. Because you’ve just found out which one specializes in the type of work you’re looking for.

Contact the recruiter about her job posting to see if it’s the right match for you. If it’s not, make sure you get on her hot list. That way you’ll receive a call when she gets the next opportunity that matches your career profile.

Finally, if you pay close attention to your inbox over the next few weeks you’ll make another discovery. You’ll realize that you’ve uncovered the industries and the companies that are growing. The ones you should be targeting in your active career search.

And now that you’re using job boards to your full advantage. You’ll be ahead of 95% of the other job seekers who are using them too.

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