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Can Hiring Managers Find Your Resume on Job Boards?

You’ve posted your resume on your favorite job boards and you’re expecting the phone calls and emails to come rolling in. But they’re not. The following could explain why your response ratio is low.

Did you make your resume private or public?

When your resume is set to private mode it means that nobody can find you. Which is good because now you have complete control over who sees your resume and who doesn’t. Bad, because nobody can find it. Resulting in you missing out on all the employment opportunities that never get posted.

Many hiring managers are using job boards as their primary or secondary resume database. And for all intensive purposes you don’t exist when you’re in private mode. If you want hiring managers to find your resume online please make sure it’s set to public mode.

Now that your resume has been made public, can it be found?

That depends. Does your resume contain relevant keywords? Is it formatted correctly? And are you updating your resume at least once ever 2 weeks?

Hiring managers are using keywords searches to find your resume on job boards. So, make sure your resume contains relevant ones. Just like the keywords you’re using in your career searches. And be careful not to over do it.

If you load your resume up with too many keywords it might get red flagged for keyword stuffing. Resulting in your resume being pushed down the ranks of the job boards you’re using. Instead of being at the very top of the page.

Are you updating your resume profile at least once every 2 weeks? Why?

Do you know that hiring managers can reorder their searches with just one click? And have the most recently posted resumes appear at the top of their list.

If you haven’t updated your resume in a month or two, you could end up on page 10 of their search. And how many times have you gone past page two on your Google searches? Not often I’d bet. Hiring managers are no different.

Finally, do you know that some job boards don’t show your contact information?

Instead, they’re using their email system to protect your privacy. And let you decide who gets to see your contact information and who doesn’t. Making internet access throughout the day very important to you. So you can respond to these email requests right away.

There you have it, a few tips to help you take advantage of job boards and increase the odds of your resume being found on them.

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