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Great People Great Match

When it comes to finding great people, we provide you with the best talent available. Our exclusive search and placement process reveal candidates you won’t find through conventional means. And our comprehensive screening process ensures that our handpicked candidates are high-performance individuals who have distinguished themselves during their careers.

Recruitment Connection ensures its professionals are a solid match. Once we’re certain a candidate’s skills and experience qualify them for your open position our job placement process considers fit-focused elements. We assess your culture and organization against candidate preferences for company environment, culture, growth paths, education opportunities and more.

Our method helps us find employees that blend harmoniously with your organizational culture and business. The Recruitment Connection process demonstrates proven results, time after time. In fact, approximately 90% of our sourced candidates are offered regular, full-time employment positions.

Consulting Experts That Work for You

Standing the test of time, Recruitment Connection’s industry consultants provide you with high-quality staffing solutions that adapt to your company’s requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to change and adjust to your business needs.

We go above and beyond with value-add offerings that exceed the industry standard. We provide quality-check feedback as well as bring ideas and recommendations for improved results.

Throughout the candidate identification, recruitment and placement our role as liaison creates a competitive advantage for your company. We’re on top of all of your staffing needs throughout the entire process. We do everything it takes to help you secure the people you want.

Save Time & Money

Recruitment Connection understands that time and cost savings are a top priority for our clients. When your company has urgent needs for professionals, we help you save time and resources by focusing our efforts on finding the right people so you can get back to your business operation. Our services are efficient and present you with only the best and brightest candidates who are the right fit for your company.

Our dedication and focus qualifies us to serve as a powerful resource for your team. Our clients benefit from our efficient and streamlined process that manages every detail including in-depth requisition intake and screening, arranging interviews, negotiating and presenting offers, and providing exceptional follow up.