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When is the Best Time to Email Your Resume?

The best time to email your resume is when the hiring manager is most likely to see it.

One of the challenges we have as job seekers and as people in general. Is that we don’t look at our daily activities in the same way as the person we’re attempting to connect with.

We send a text message and expect an immediate response. When we don’t get a reply to our email in 5 minutes we’re disappointed. This is understandable of course in our instant gratification society.

So, how do we increase our chances of getting the results we’re after? We need to start thinking like the hiring manager. And look at the work day through her eyes instead of ours for a few minutes.

And how can we do that?

It’s not that difficult, just run through your typical day at the office.

When you get to work at 9 do you go sit at your desk? Or did you turn on your computer and then head over to the coffee machine? Stopping to speak with your co-workers about last night’s events.

Chances are the hiring manager that you want to connect with is doing the same thing.

When is the best time to email your resume you might ask? When the hiring manager is at her desk.

What this means to you is that there are 3 times in the day which are optimal times. 9:15am, just before lunch and at 4:45pm.

Why are these the best times to email her your resume? Because she will be sitting in front of her computer and be able to see new email notifications as they come in.

At 9:15 the “coffee pot talk” is usually finished and she’ll be in front of her computer screen. She will most likely be going through the resumes that she received from the night before. And you certainly don’t want to be part of this log jam.

When your email comes in 9:15am she will look at the notification right away. Because it could be her boss emailing her. What if a crisis has come up that she needs to attend to. Or something else that’s important to her day at the office. Emails are not going to be ignored at this time of the day.

Just before lunch is another good time to email the hiring manager your resume. That’s when she will want to make sure there are no important emails to attend to before taking her midday break.

4:45pm is your last chance of the day. Because that’s when she will be thinking about going home. And she’ll want to make sure that everything’s wrapped up before leaving the office.

If you’re not getting the responses you’ve been expecting try changing the time of day when you email your resume.

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